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184369 – Spring Loaded Valve


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Part# 184369 – Spring Loaded Valve

Use this spring loaded valve on many Coats tire changers. It replaces all valves for rotation when the tire changer has an air motor. This valve is used for the clamping cylinder when the pedal is pushed down to move the clamps one way and up to move them the other.  You may be able to use this valve on Baseline machines even though another valve is specified.  When changing valve on machines where the pedal is always pushed down use 181986.

Same as 8184369 and 81843691

Compatible Models: 5030A, 5030E, 5035A, 5035E, 5040A, 5040E, 5050A, 5050E, 5060E, 5060EX, 5060A, 5060AX, 5065E, 5065EX, 5065A, 5065AX, 5070A, 5070E, 6060AX, 6060EX, 6065A, 6065AX, 6065E, 6065EX, 7050A, 7050AX, 7050E, 7055EX, 7060AX, 7060EX, 7065AX, 7065EX, 7660AX, 7660EX, 7665AX, 7665EX, RC-100, RC-150EX, RC-200EX, APX80A, APX80E, APX90A, APX90E, 60X, 70X

Associated parts:
181190 – Air Motor
181986 – Valve, 4 Way with Pull Pin