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62029 – Cylinder Swager/Expander


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62029 – Cylinder Swager/Expander

Double ended hydraulic cylinder used on Ben Pearson model EXP-69, BP-79 and MB-97 exhaust tubing benders.  One end of the cylinder is used for the segmented expander while the other end is used for the clamp down swager.  This is not used on the Ben Pearson model MC-59 bender.

This is an OEM 62029 – Cylinder Swager/Expander for the Ben Pearson benders that utilized one cylinder for the segmented expander as well as the clamp down swager.  Many of these cylinders get bend rods when dies are left in the swager box while using the expander.  The rod comes out, rolls over the swager die and gets bent.  The rod is not available as a separate part and the complete cylinder must be replaced.

The bender models are sometimes used without the hyphen, such as EXP69, BP79 and MB97.

When replacing this cylinder, be sure to align it correctly using the nuts that go on the rods holding the cylinder together.  If not properly aligned, the solid swagers will not line up properly and may damage the pipe.  One end of the cylinder takes  61247 – Cylinder Adapter and the other end of the cylinder takes arbor 62059.  Both are sold separately.