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181620 – Cylinder Top Cap


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Part# 181620 – Cylinder Top Cap.

Top Cap for 182613 – Cylinder Assembly, Table Top.

Compatible with most Coats 50, 60, and 70 series Tire Changers.

Compatible Models: 5030A, 5030E, 5040A, 5040E, 5050A, 5050E, 5060E, 5060EX, 5060A, 5060AX, 5065E, 5065EX, 5065A, 5065AX, 5070A, 5070E, 6060AX, 6060EX, 6065A, 6065AX, 6065E, 6065EX, 7050A, 7050AX, 7050E, 7055EX, 7060AX, 7060EX, 7065AX, 7065EX, 7660AX, 7660EX, 7665AX, 7665EX, 60X, 70X, GTS50, GTS60, GTS70, GTS90

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